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Data: Inigo Quilez, born and grown in Donostia/San Sebastian (Spain), currently living in San Francisco, California.
Current:Website, email, Twitter: @iquilezles, Shadertoy: iq, Youtube: Inigo Quilez
Hobbies:Skiing (was in a competition team for years!), mathematics, painting art with math, nature.
Education:MS in Electrical Engineering, Universidad del Pais Vasco. Thesis: "High Impedance Fault realtime detector using Wavelet Packet Analysis".


2020Co-created "Memix", a video conferencing plugin with shader based filters; later adquired by "mmhmm, inc".
2016Created "Quill", the VR animation tool and production ecosystem (and became its Product Manager).
2013Co-created "", the online site for realtime procedural computer graphics.
2010Created "Wondermoss", Pixar's system for procedural terrains, vegetation and foliage (used from Brave to Coco).
2009Co-created "Elevated", the 4 kilobytes realtime procedural terrain demo winner of Breakpoint.
2013Won the Visual Effect Society (VES) award for "Outstanding Created Environment in an Animated Feature Motion Picture" for Brave's forest
2001-2022Given 75+ talks, writen 100+ tutorials, created 500+ educational shaders, made 50+ realtime demos, given 25+ workshops.
2014-2022Multiple times Siggraph's Real-Time Live! and Art Gallery jury.
2010-2012On Pixar's "Brave", created, painted, shaded, coded the forest's grass, moss, weeds, bushes, lichens, tree canopies, etc.
2012On Pixar's "Lava", created the island's middle and background trees.
2013-2015On Pixar's "The Good Dinosaur", made the terrains, procedural grass, moss, bushes, rocks, mulch, river rocks, distant trees.
2016On Oculus Story Studio's "Henry", Emmy winning short, developed fur, eyes and lighting technology. Also did character shading and set lighting work.
2017On Oculus Story Studio's "Dear Angelica", official selection of at Sundance, developed innovative visual technology ("Quill") for the film.


2016 - 2019At Oculus+Facebook (Menlo Park, California) as Product Manager and engeering lead for Quill.
2015 - 2016At Oculus Story studio (San Francisco, California) as Visual Effects Supervisor.
2009 - 2014At Pixar Animation Studios (Emeryville, California), in charge of building the procedural sets for the films, doing the dressing, modeling and shading in the shots as well as creating the software/algorithms and architecture needed to do so, including the low level development.
2003 - 2009At VRcontext (Brussels, Belgium) as VR software engineer, realtime rendering of massive CAD models (billion polygons) in Virtual Reality CAVEs (raytracing and OpenGL).
2003At Trabajos Catastrales, SA (Pamplona, Spain), R+D on colour image processing GIS software (256 Megapixels photo correlation and matching).

Lectures at Major Conferences

2020"Shader Rendering Techniques - Exact Solutions for Approximated Problems" talk at Bicfest, in Busan - South Korea
2019"Why I create images with Mathematics" keynote speaker at Siggraph Asia, in Brisbane - Australia
2016"Discovering the New Frontier of Shadertoy" talk at GTC, in San Jose - California
2016"Rendering Challenges in Quill: A VR Sketching Tool" talk at GTC, in San Jose - California
2016"Quill: VR Drawing in the Production of Oculus Story Studio's New Movie" talk for Real Time Live!, at Siggraph Anaheim (California - USA)
2016"Oculus Quill - A Production Tool for VR" talk for The Art & Science of Immersion, at Siggraph Anaheim (California - USA)
2015"Introduction to VR Filmmaking from Oculus Story Studio" talk at Oculus Connect, in LA - California
2015"From Feature Animation to VR Story Telling" production lessons from Oculus at Siggraph, in LA - California
2015"Environment Rendering Optimization for Pixar's The Good Dinosaur" talk at Siggraph, in LA - California
2015"Shadertoy Workshop" at Siggraph, in LA - California
2015"Shadertoy: From the Web to Virtual Reality" talk at GTC, in San Jose - California
2014"Shadertoy: Learn to Create Everything in a Fragment Shader" course at Siggraph Asia, in Shenzhen - China
2014"Do You Know What a Fragment Shader Can Do?" talk at NVidia booth during Siggraph, in Vancouver - Canada
2014"Shadertoy Hackathon" course at Siggraph, in Vancouver - Canada
2014"New Ideas and Techniques For Creating Real-Time Imagery" talk for NVScene, in San Jose - California
2014"Do You Know What a Fragment Shader Can Do?" talk for GTC, in San Jose - California
2013"Shadertoy: live coding of reactive shaders" talk for Real Time Live!, at Siggraph Anaheim - California
2012"Reactive Visuals" talk for Real Time Live!, at Siggraph LA (California - USA)
2010"Formulanimations" seminar, at FITC San Francisco - California
2009"Behind Elevated" seminar, at Function 2009, Budapest - Hungary
2009"Matimágenes y Formulanimaciones" Universidad Pública de Navarra - Spain
2009"The world with two triangles" seminar, at Visionday 2009, Technical University, in Copenhagen - Denmark
2008"From abstract to organix", at Function 2008, Budapest - Hungary
2008"Rendering worlds with two triangles", at nVision 2008, San Jose - California
2008"Making graphics in 4 kilobytes", at Inspire 2008 in Errenteria - Spain
2007""40 años de geometrí a fractal" lecture together with B.Mandelbrot and J.Barrallo, at Universidad del País Vasco in San Sebastián - Spain
2007"Matematical en Movimiento" at the Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - Spain
2007"Mesh encoding for 4k intros", at BCNParty 2007 in Barcelona - Spain
2007"Putting Theory into Practice", "State-of-the-art in Massive Model Visualization" tutorial at Siggraph 2007, in San Diego - California
2007"Tricks and techniques for rgba's past and future intros", at Breakpoint 2007, Bingen am Rhein - Germany
2006"Putting Theory into Practice", "Real Time Interactive Massive Model Visualization" tutorial at Eurographics 2006, Vienna - Austria
2006"Mathematics in Movement", workshop at the International Congress of Mathematicians, Madrid - Spain


2021Winner of the "Best Executable Graphics" Meteoriks Awards 2001
20201st prize, "4kb executable gfx" at Revision 2020
2019Honorary Mention at Ars Electronica for Shadertoy (Linz - Austria)
2013Visual Effect Society (VES) for "Outstanding Created Environment in an Animated Feature Motion Picture" (Los Angeles - California)
20091st place for "Best 4kb intro" at Awards 2009
20091st prize, "intro 4kb" at Breakpoint 2009 (Bingen, Germany)
20082nd position at Animatu international digital animation festival 2008 (Beja, Portugal)
2008Nomination for "Best 4kb intro" at Awards 2008
20081st prize, "4kb procedural gfx" at Function 2008 (Budapest, Hungary)
20081st prize, "4kb procedural gfx" at Euskal Encounter 2008 (Barakaldo, Spain)
20081st prize, "intro 4kb" at Inspire 2008 (Errenteria, Spain)
20081st prize, "4kb procedural gfx" at Breakpoint 2008 (Bingen, Germany)
2008Nomination for "Realtime Animation" at BitFilem Festival (Germany)
2007Nomination for "Best 4kb intro" at Awards 2007
20074th prize, "4kb procedural gfx" at TUM (Karlsruhe-Durlach, Germany)
20071st prize, "intro 4kb" at BCNParty 7 (Barcelona, Spain)
20072nd prize, "intro 4kb" at Assembly 2007 (Helsinki, Finland)
20074th prize, "intro 4kb" at Breakpoint 2007 (Bingen am Rhein, Germany)
20061st prize, "intro 4kb" at BCNParty 6 (Barcelona, Spain)
2006Selected, "Enmpperaltta" painting computation for the international art exposition in honor of Benoit Mandelbrot at ICM 2006.
20051st prize, "intro 64kb" at EuskalParty 13 (Barakaldo, Spain)
2005Nomination for "Best 64kb intro" at Awards 2004
20041st prize, "intro 64kb" at EuskalParty 12 (Barakaldo, Spain)
20041st prize, Silicon Graphics & ATI international demo contest
20033st prize, "Segundo Certamen Nacional de Imágenes Fractales" (Second Spanish Contest on Fractal Images).
20031st prize, "demo" at BCNParty 3 (Barcelona, Spain)
2003Nomination for "Breakthrough Performance" at Awards 2002
20021st prize, "Primer Certamen Nacional de Imágenes Fractales" (First Spanish Contest on Fractal Images).
20021st prize, "intro 64kb" at BCNParty 2 (Barcelona, Spain)
20011st prize, "intro 64kb" at BCNParty 1 (Barcelona, Spain)
20011st prize, "intro 4kb" at DurangoParty 2 (Durango, Spain)
20011st prize, "intro 4kb" at EuskalParty 9 (Bilbao, Spain)
20001st prize, "intro 64kb" at ArroutadaParty 8 (Acoru༚, Spain)
20002nd prize, "intro 64kb" at GaliciaNetParty 1 (Santiago, Spain)
19991st prize, "demo" at ArroutadaParty 7 (Acoru༚, Spain)
19991st prize, "intro 64kb" at EuskalParty 7 (Donostia, Spain)