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These are video tutorials, on art, maths and computer graphics. Most of the techniques that I use in these live coding sessions are documented in multiple of my articles, but these videos offer you an opportunity to see how they are used in context as part of the creative process.

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Painting with Math

Painting a Landscape with Maths

It explain how to use maths to art directed the painting of a landscape. I describe the formulas needed to do sculpting, surfacing and illumination. It's long and dense, so watching it a few times to get everything to sink over time is a good idea.

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Painting a Girl with Maths

A making-of type of production where I explain how I employed mathematics to paint a girls taking a selfie. I describe the formulas I used to sculpt, colorize and illuminate her, but don't speak about the programing aspects.

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Sculpting a heart with Maths

I explain how to model and animate a heart shape by using only mathematical formulas. Recorded as a single shot!

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Painting in Google Sheets

I explain how one can use sphreadsheets (Google Sheets in this case, but Excell would work just well too) to paint a flower by inputing only formulas into it.
Intro to Painting with Maths

In this video I explain the principles of painting with mathematical formulas. I paint a simple 2-dimensional scene of a tree and introduce the most basic concepts.

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Shader Coding

Greek Temple

A live stream where I deep dive in some of the aspects of procedural modeling, shading and lighting that went into creating this greek temple scene.
Sphere Gears - PART 2

The second part of the live streamed coding session where I deconstruc the maths, art and coding of a procedural animation of some spherical gears.
Sphere Gears - PART 1

The first half of the live streamed coding session where I deconstruc the maths, art and coding of a procedural animation of some spherical gears.
Happy Jumping

This is 6 hours long live coding session where I construct, step by step, a mathematical painting and animation of a creature jumping in a candy world. I talk about art, composition, color, programming, algorithms and of course mathematics.

Computer Graphics

Deriving the Segment SDF

I explain how I derived the SDF of a lines segment (or capsule), step by step.
Round corners for SDFs

In this video we learn how to round the cornders of mathematical objects defined as SDFs, why it works, and some ways to be creative with it..
Deriving the Box SDF

I explain how I derived the compact and efficient SDF of a box (in any number of dimensions), step by step.

Math Explainers

Charting Quadratic Equations

Explains the Babylonian Multiplication and why we don't use, and why we us it..
Charting Quadratic Equations

An exploration of families quadratic equations by using an interesting 3D plot.
Collatz and Selfsimilarity

A fun exploration of the relationship between the the Collatz conjecture's secquence and the morphology of its associated fractal.
X^Y = Y^X

An exploration of the equation xy = yx and its surprising solutions.

Computer Graphics - LIVE (old)

Procedural eye ball
An apple
Creating a simple clover
A simple raytracer
Creating a smiley sun
Making music with maths
Live coding test