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1402 blog posts, written between 2008 and 2016. These are mostly short observations, funny thoughts and word playing. Some are embarrasingly corny, some more deep. I keep it here mostly a little time capsule for myself, organized by month:

March 2016
measurable coding effort
The Planck constant of software development, the smallest measurable amount of coding effort, is 15 minutes
shaving machines, or spaceships
some shaving machines look like fucking Tron motorcycles.

with carefully designed curved lines, metallic shimmering reflections, buttons, controllers, flex heads, a multiprecision system of synergized blades, sportive colors, turbo power, intelligent technology, and a digital screen that tells you how much battery you have left in case you were in the jungle hunting jaguars with your own manly hands far from electrical outlets and were in need of a shave.

what the fuck is all of this. give me a fucking shaving machine. not a spaceship.

i think these machines are a symbol of masculinity for those in need of earning the label. grow up.

prepared for life
After many years I have finally made a backup of my computer. I have never felt this peace of mind and pride before.
fuck it
i can't believe that my favorite online english dictionary doesn't have entries for "fuck" or "fucker". i can't fucking believe it, i am highly disappointed and i think offended too. i am immediately discontinuing use of this dictionary.
all-boys/all girls, still today?
Today I discovered that all-girls and all-boys schools still exist, including at young ages. According to the internet, some of the reasons for this, and I quote, are:

"Mixed genders can be a distraction."

"Teachers can employ instruction techniques geared toward specific genders."

On the first one, I can't understand how a boy are a distraction to a girl or vice-versa, particularly at young ages, unless you have some perverted perspective on gender yourself. At teenage kids better be able to handle these apparently dangerous 'distractions' or else I have bad news about how they are going to function in society as adults.

On the second one, I have no idea what it can mean, I just hope it's not teaching girls maths for cooking and boys maths for rocket building...

Look, my sisters went to the same school as I did, became great professionals as I did, and I'm here to say we all received equal education and had equal expectations from our parents. I had girls and boys both lead class activities and teams, and this was a great lesson for my future.

Basically, I think all-girls and all-boys schools are a monstrous idea that should be forbidden if want to ensure we left the things of the past in the past and do a little bit of progress here.
code "Black"
Code "Black" for me and I'll tell you what you do

[?, ?, 0] -> artist
[0, 0, 0] -> programmer
[0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f] -> graphics programmer
#000000 -> none of the above. maybe, perhaps, a designer
speaking of maths, i just learned elliptical functions! finally!!
144 diapers
these diapers i see in the supermarket come in a packet of 144. i guess for parents who are lovers of the dozenal system and for babies who produce square turds
how to react when ...
how to react when ...

* ... you purposely leave a joke half cooked for the audience to complete, and most understand so, but then somebody writes the punch line in the comments thinking they are funny and clever because they have ingeniously made a joke.

* ... somebody with clearly no taste makes some ugly derivative of some work of yours and they publish and present it as an improvement, and everybody can see it.
moody morning
Just woke up and discovered it's a gorgeous rainy morning again. So I had to play the one piano song that I know playing the matches the mood:

men can too
i think that, contrary to popular culture, men can multitask. i think it's just that they don't bother trying.
an adult
i think that (in the US) you are not really an adult till you have a dependent in your health insurance plan.
wrong solution
It seems it's a common obsession among programmers in love with programming to invent their own language, a language that will fix all the flows of the previous languages.

(as if the languages and not the programmers were to blame for the majority of the bad design and code currently in existence)
only four
I think the number 4 is the only non-prime number with factorization lead to factors that add to itself?
more mischievous slippers
speaking of slippers, two left foot slippers have now shown up (from different pairs of course) but not the two corresponding right pairs. it's been 3 days that i'm wearing two left foot slippers.
missing "L"
if you are at the thai restaurant, and read "Heathy Appetizers" in the menu, it's a thai'po. (rimshot)

true story