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1402 blog posts, written between 2008 and 2016. These are mostly short observations, funny thoughts and word playing. Some are embarrasingly corny, some more deep. I keep it here mostly a little time capsule for myself, organized by month:

August 2014
a reasonable question
in a scale from zero to "i drive a Hummer", how small is your penis?

could replace "drive a Hummer" with "work out Friday evening before going clubbing shirtless"

(also, i promise i won't construct more jokes with this structure)
water water
today's "Complains!" episodes is on water.

from somewhere within the culturally clashing part of my mind, from the creators the of "please make bread bread" complain, today we get "please let us drink water water".

it seems wherever i go there's a massive choice of varieties of waters. cherry seasoned, coconut flavored, sweetened, sparkly. cherry water, coconut water, sweet water, sparkly water. every imaginable thing except what's commonly known as "water". we could call it "Just Water (C)" for those who cannot cope with generic non-branded product names. but essentially, i'm talking of water, as it comes from the springs and fountains.

and even though i disagree with the premise that variety equals sophistication, given that this is the land of the (apparent) choices anyways, at least give us the choice of "water water".


plus, water is so good as it is. really. try it, you might be surprised

feeling good with ourselves
why go out there to improve the world, help anybody why, fight against things that are wrong, or why even donate to charity, when you can save the world from the comfort of your sofa by clicking a few "Like buttons in Facebook?

is clicking "Like" supposed to make you feel proud of agreeing with an idea? cause i don't think you believe you are saving the lives of kids with leukemia and a murdered dolphins with the power of "Like". or are you. almost looks as if the "Like" thing was a way to make us people-who-are-apparently-too-busy-to-do-something-to-improve-the-world happy and proud if ourselves...

mathimage - a friday ofor improvising
It's been one of those Fridays. The world is alive, excited and colorful out there. But I'm staying home in the quietness of my apartment, after having helped a bit somebody in the other side of the planet with their maths. Once I'm done with that, I decide to keep playing with the topic we had been discussing - spiky spheres and repetition in polar coordinates. I improvise for one hour until I get something resembling some sort of twisting jelly creature (as in the old demos).

As usual, the real-time animated version and the source code / maths are online and free:
a function of time AND space
The person to my left is wearing a t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops.

The person to my right is wearing long jeans, shows, jumper, jacket and a scarf.

Only in this city is the weather a function of time AND space.

(while weather normally varies slowly over space, there's some super high frequency spatial content here)
two orders, please
i'm at the restaurant with my friend. i come often here, but i have never seen this waitress before.

i put my two orders of barbecue beef. then the waitress goes "ohhh, you must be the guy! we sometimes have this one table where there's one more order than there's people in it and it's always a double bbq beef. it's you!"

i'm surprised i'm this popular in this restaurant.
high degree terms matter
A 5% annual increase during 5 years, in my book, is a 27% increase. Most people seem to think it's 25%. Including my landlord (with other figures though). Good for me. I'm so not explaining to him how arithmetics work.
oops, i'm a bit too late
i just found out that the jar of marmalade in my fridge has expiration date of january 2012...
"In a scale from 0 to 10, what's your favorite color?"

- Test for synesthesia
couldn't resist
taking these two pics

on the lack of bread
It's complain time! Today, "bread"! (or the lack of it here)

WHY, why the heck would you want to flavor bread with garlic, olives, bacon, etc?

What about bread flavored bread? Cause... when made properly, bread IS a flavor. America do your homework and learn to bake bread and baguettes.
statistical observations
I can pretty confidently state that about one third of the Americans that are my age have seen The Princess Bride.

And also, that about 5 on 6 women that own a car around here have chosen a Prius.
continuous logic
Logic is usually digital, and deals with binary values (true/false, one/zero). The basic operations that act on these values are AND, OR, XOR and NOT and produce new binary values. By chaining these operations one can build systems able to perform complex computations, as we know.

Sometimes, however, you don't have binary values and operations available, but continuous values and arithmetic operations. Still, you can emulate the AND, OR, XOR and NOT binary operations by employing the following formulas:

NOT(a) = 1 - a
AND(a,b) = a·b
OR(a,b) = a + b - a·b
XOR(a,b) = a + b - 2·a·b

which behave as expected when a and b are 0.0 and 1.0. Now, these formulas still produce values in the interval 0.0 - 1.0 when fed with numbers in that same interval. Which allows you to think in binary logic terms when working the boundary of the interval. Yet the logic behaves smoothly everywhere inside the interval. This means you can extrapolate binary logic to continuous signals.

In fact, you have probably already played with this "continuous" logic without knowing it when blending image layers in any photo image retouching software. "Invert" is NOT, "Multiply" is AND, "Screen" is OR and "Overlay" is XOR.
mathimae :: ripping
i ripped my friend Sho Murase's art style for this mathematical image

Real-time animated version and source code here:
about 33% of the research studies concluded that approximatelly 1/3 of the statistical analysis are useless