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These are the slides for my presentation "Making graphics in 4 kilobytes" that I prepared for the Inspire Demoscene Event that happened in May of 2008. The presentation has some source code of procedural graphics made in C.

Trivia fact 1: if you have followed my work on procedural graphcis and raymarching, you might have noticed I always use the same name "map" for my scene sdf, as in float map( in vec p ). In this presentation from 2008 you can already see me using the map() function for raymarching purposes.

Trivia fact 2: the slide number 67 is removed because it contained the very first procedural raymarched image that I'd officially present to a demoscene contest two months later. During the presentation I showed the actual image, which was already finished by May, but as the actual 4 kilobyte executable graphcis, not as a slide. Two months later I entered the image to the Euskal Encounter demoparty and won (see here: The name of the procedural graphics is "Slisesix", because of "SLIde SEventy SIX", where the image should have been in the presentation you are about to download.

The PDF with the slides is here.