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The last two years have been very busy, and I didn't have the time to make any intro. Yet I developed some techniques that work well enough to be used in 64k intros, so better share them just in case :) This presentation at breakpoint explained some of these techniques, and also older techniques used in the past. It also contains a bit of the making-off our two best known intros.

It covers:
  • general demo hardcoding
  • procedural textures
  • procedural modeling
  • procedural animation
  • ambient occlusion computation
  • mesh compression
  • mesh collashing
  • cloth simulation
  • mesh skinning and bone animation
  • catmull clark subdivision
Hopefully someone gets motivated and jumps from the demo to 64k category, the one I most love by far.

Grab the presentation here.

You can also get some accompaning videos:

cloth simulation 1. Simple spring mass simulation.
cloth simulation 2. Plus one sphere collission detection.
cloth simulation 3. Plus four spheres and some cosinus driven translations applyed on them.
cloth simulation 4. Simple mesh as cloth seed, plus few thousands spheres generated from the skeleton for realtime collision.