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Here you can purchase high quality prints of some of my shaders. Some of the print sizes are pretty big and are great to hang on your walls. I cranked up the resolution and the precision of intersections, normals and shadows, so the shaders look their best. Also, for the simplest shaders, the prints have the full source code that generates them in the right 1/3 of the print, so make sure you order a big size if you want to be able to read the code.

You can order these prints at different sizes, finishings, frames and formats - Canvas Print, Photographics Print, Framed Art Print and Metal Print (my favourite). The price varies from $9 to $399 although after fabrication, shipping and the store fees, I get less than 20% of that. Still, it's a great way to support this website and my Youtube channel. So if you like any of this art, get yourself a nice print - Make your order in my RedBubble page, and don't forget to explore all product options at the bottom of the RedBubble page and all print sizes on the right side.