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These is the source code for some projects that are not a piece of art, a shader or a realtime demo. These are small pieces of hardcoded and non-elegant code, but they got the job done and I think they can be useful to others. You can find them all, and more, in my Made This Thing profile page (which contains demos and shaders too, hence this little index page):

Templates for 1k and 4k demos and executable graphics examples for Windows, which can be used to create demoscene productions ("intros").
A template for 64 kilobyte demos ("intros"), which are typical productions. Both 32 bit and 64 bit. Uses Visual Studio 2019.
Elevated (4k demo)
The 4 kilobytes demo "Elevated", winner of the 2009 Breakpoint demoparty. Shows a procedural terrain and music in a just 4096 bytes executable..
A small, fast, native command line utility to minify CSS files that does NOT require Python, Go, or Node. The source code also has no dependencies.
EFI Bootloader
This is the EFI bootloader for x64 that I created. It's standalone, it only takes 5 kilobytes, and it displays a 2D animation.
A simple and minimal set of libraries to do 3D rendering (WebGL 2.0), reading files and other related tasks. It's 47 kilobytes minified.
1 billion and 1 million digits of Tau, as plain text files, for you.
A small program to dump call stack symbols from a .PDB given a crash log text file
Old QBasic Programs
Old QBasic programs I wrote in 1995, for my own historic reference.
Converts files to C arrays and strings.
Header file for glsl-style math on vectors, transformations, bounding boxes, frustums, etc.
The Kindercrasher 4 kilobyte demo (see the "Demoscene" section in this website).
The Kindergarden 4 kilobyte demo (see the "Demoscene" section in this website).
The Kindernoiser 4 kilobyte demo (see the "Demoscene" section in this website).
The Kinderpainter 4 kilobyte demo (see the "Demoscene" section in this website).
The Kinderplomber 4 kilobyte demo (see the "Demoscene" section in this website).