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Last year I liked Function a lot, so I decided to finish this year's party tour (eight parties all over the world) returning to this hungarian party. Gargaj invited me to give a seminar there. I liked the idea a lot, and enjoyed it, although I didn't have much time to prepare it.

The presentation first tries to categorize the demos out there acording to the type of visuals they show, and concludes that 99% of the demos are based on abstract content. Having done myself both abstract and non abstract demos I can tell that non abstract ones are an order of magnitude more difficult to make. Specially those that show characters that must move. This is more true of course on those demos that must fit in four kilobytes. So, the second part of the presentation explains some of the procedural and data compression tricks used in those demos to show moving characters, such as a jumping lamp or a walking woman.

The slides show some interesting facts and code about the Kindernoise, Kidnercrhaser, Stiletto and Luxo4k demos.

Click here to download the presentation. You have some additional material that shows part of the making of the "Luxo 4k" demo.