Shader Toy v0.4 by Inigo Quilez 2009 (iq/rgba),

· 46 shader, 18 contributors: Adrian Boeing, Auld, Danguafer/Silexars, Dave Hoskins, Lars Huttar, L.Mallet, Maciej Matyka, Mic, Psycho/Loonies, Paulo Falcao, Simon Green/NVidia, TGGC/BluFlame, Tigrou, Viktor Korsun, W.Yutani, XT95/FRequency, xTr1m/BluFlame and iq/rgba (send me your shaders if you want to contribute - for now i keep the right to decide which shaders to upload based on some sort of "quantity vs variety" criteria)
· Please remember it probably makes sense to credit the authors if you reuse these shaders in your blog, software, demo, or portafolio. Also, the authors definitely want you to let them know if you plan to use their shaders in your applications or products.
· You can directly link to Shader Toy with a shader preset parameter like this: "" or ""

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